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Having the resilience & Positive mindset to lead schools: Going Forward

Having the resilience & positive mindset to lead schools: Going Forward - August 25th at 10am & 2pm                                        

The objective of this online workshop is to support school leaders in the development of specific skills and practical tools to help them lead schools going forward. Returning to school brings with it many challenges such as dealing with uncertainty, leading staff/students and parents, establishing new routines, balancing work/life and caring for loved ones.
This workshop will introduce school leaders to a range of practical skills and tools to help them address these challenges and maintain their wellbeing during this time. It will also help in preparing them for life beyond the current crisis as they apply their learning and embed new best practices. Learning will be embedded through reflection, discussion and group exercises using a full suite of online tools via the Zoom platform.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

· Understood what it means to have a positive mindset.
· Explored the key benefits of a positive mindset and how this can help with resilience during particularly challenging and uncertain times.
· Discovered the obstacles which are currently inhibiting participants’ own positivity.
· Learned how to move to a positive mindset through practical tools, models and techniques.
· Explored the four key pillars of resilience and how to practically apply them in their work and personal lives.
· Understood how to maintain overall wellbeing and motivation.
· Developed a clear action plan for immediate implementation in th


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